February 27, 2013

Greenhouse Space

I wrote about best use of Greenhouse space in early January. Adding more portable shelving gave me more space for plants. I've tried hard to determine the best arrangement of greenhouse 'furniture' and here's the latest plan.

The potting bench that was in the left corner as I walk in the door was directly under one of the nozzles of the mister. It was continually wet last summer.

The three-shelf unit was first in the center, then at right angles to a wall shelf and the potting bench.


The Potting Bench is now at right angles and the shelves along the north wall. They changed places.
It seems odd to have a potting bench in the middle of the floor but I think it is going to work.

It may seem odd to have the back of the potting bench face the door. Here's the rationales: I can look outside the door instead of the back wall. The vintage wood medicine cabinet that I use for storage opens the 'right' way if it's on the left end when I work. I had moved it to a very awkward position to get it away from the moisture of the mist nozzle.

Turned the other way, the cabinet would prevent the cat's path to his favorite perch.  The apron on the back kind of hides my 'mess' if the bench isn't tidy. My bag of potting soil is better hidden. I guess you could say I've created a 'potting nook'

A bromeliad, some Pineapple Sage and a Fern went up high. It may be too warm for them up there soon but there will be other plants going outside as the weather warms. We just need to get past the last frost.

It took two days bringing the plants and equipment from just the shelf unit and bench back inside once I got the furnishings moved, and rearranged so that everything fits. I'm still moving things around. Some cuttings had to be stuck of course and other little tasks. The Christmas Cactuses still need watering.

Very little on the south side changed except for moving plants from place to place. I'm excited that there are two Amaryllis buds about to bloom. One is a third bud from one of the bulbs from Christmas. One is a rebloom from the previous Christmas. I can't remember which it was, so the color is a surprise.


Alison said...

I like the idea that you can now look out the door instead of at a blank wall. I'm wondering if you have something decorative that you can hang on the back of the potting bench, so that you have something nice to look at initially when you enter, or when just looking in from the door. That would also hide any mess even more.

NellJean said...

Thanks, Alison! I don't know if I would ever have thought of hanging something on the back of the bench.

It would be more visually appealing if I moved it out about
6" to the corner of the shelving, but I need that space to walk past it easily and the space at the other end would be waste space. Every little space has to be considered.

Imagine how many times I sat here at night and drew a rough sketch before I figured out what worked best in a small space.

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