February 12, 2013

My 2011 Amaryllis has a Bud!

Two of the previous year's Amaryllis plants remained in pots. They grew nice foliage and I let them die back by withholding water in late summer.

I thought I was timing them for Christmas blooms. 
One still has no new bud but a nice secondary bulb has formed,
 as this one has on the left.  

A different view of the bud. I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't label.

The color will be a surprise. I know it isn't Appleblossom because
Appleblossom was in a clay pot. There are pictures of one with a
peach colored bloom but the pot didn't show.

This year I wrote their names on the pot. Nymph has another bud on a
stem that already bloomed, and another bud coming out of the neck of
the bulb. I've never seen that secondary bud on the stem before.
Nymph, the Hippeastrum with the strange bud above.
The stem on this plant was much shorter than we usually see.

I'm looking forward to the new blossoms.

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