February 25, 2013

My Orchid in Bloom!

It was a Mother's Day present, maybe four years ago. A phalaenopsis orchid in a glass cylinder with stones topped with reindeer moss was lovely in bloom. 

When the blooms faded, I cut off the stalk as directed. The green leaves lasted. And Lasted. I watered once in a while when the stones were almost dry and the moss stopped being green. Years passed. One day last summer I noticed a rough greyish stem that turned out to be an aerial root, soon joined by more aeriel roots.  Finally just after New Year's I noticed there was a green smooth stem. It had a 'mitten' on the end.

Seven weeks passed since I noticed the bud forming. a second bud formed, now a third. This morning the first bloom is almost open, a lovely surprise. I had forgotten how it looked, only that it was white.

Small in comparison to the potted orchids I bought in January, but precious to behold.

The greenhouse gets too cool so the orchids bloom indoors.

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