February 09, 2013

New in the Greenhouse

When we went to the city, I bought two new flowerpots and two new plants.

First the plants:

Burro Tail Sedum.
I forget why I wanted this, except that it always looks so good
in photos. Of course, in photos, the stems are usually about eighteen
inches long. I'm willing to wait, tiny pots were all they had.

Rhipsalis, Mama used to grow this. I plan to use it in Rainforest
Drops, when it puts on more growth. My Rainforest Drops turn out
as Grapevine balls that sit instead of hang, you will see below.  

 Now the pots:

My new flowerpot. I didn't have a plant I wanted to pot up just now,
so I set my grapevine ball on it. Since the Schlumbergera went out of
bloom, the ball needs a bit of enhancement.
I put a Noregelia Bromeliad in my new cache pot. I failed to turn its
best side to the front but you get the idea. Ike the cat loves to shred
Bromeliad leaves.
The new Rhipsalis got into this pic, too. I wish the Epiphyllums behind had shown up better.
They've really taken off and it's a while until they can go outside.
That tomato plant right rear had a ripe tomato. I picked it.
It's time to plant more seeds.


Alison said...

I bought a couple of similarly sized burro tail sedums last spring, they spent the summer outside and now are quite a bit longer. Not as long as some I've seen, but definitely looking better. The bits and pieces fall off very easily, though, all you have to do is think about touching it.

NellJean said...
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NellJean said...

Several leaves and a bit fell off, just getting it home. If they root -- I'm putting them atop some soil today now they've dried a bit -- I'll have a donkey-tail forest, lol. I'm afraid they may not be as easy to root as graptopetalum.

gwenniesgarden said...

that blue pot is gorgeous !!!

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