February 01, 2013

Strobilanthes Is Blooming

It's a winter event to look forward to every year: Persian Shield puts on little blue cone-shaped blossoms.

In summer, we just use it as a foliage plant.
I root pieces to keep inside just in case it fails to
return the next year. Blooms are a bonus.

Hyacinths continue to open. I've given away two.
The pinks still are not open enough to make a show.

The last Hippeastrum blooms. Nymph's second stalk.

Otherwise in the greenhouse it's routine busy work. I stuck a few rose clippings to see if they may root. We had some really warm weather for a while and things like Brugmansias commenced to grow as if it were spring. Tonight we anticipate temps in the mid 20s.
There are always some pots that have roots coming out of the bottom that want bumping up to a bigger size, or at least I slide out the plant and put fresh soil at the bottom to bring the plant up nearer the top of the pot if soil settled.
February is starting out cold after January lulled us into thinking Spring was coming.


Bernie H said...

I just love the blooms of the Strobilanthes. Such a lovely lavender colour. Your greenhouse must be filled with a beautiful perfume from those Hyacinths. Loved Nymph!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I planted over the fall roughly 300 bulbs. Half are daffodils, 30 percent are tulips 10 percent are snow crocus and the rest are Iris and grape hyacinth. They are just now (with the exception of Iris) showing signs of life. Question....will they come back next year?

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