March 09, 2013

Amaryllis Appleblossom

The mystery Hippeastrum that I brought to bloom again this year turned out to be Appleblossom. I should have guessed. It is so pretty.

The bud behind is Nymph, blooming for the third time.
When I called He-who-Mows to the door to see the blooms, he said,
"You need a bigger greenhouse," going on to say that heating would
be expensive but we could put in LP gas, at which point I said I
thought I just need to beter utilize the space that I have.
This Amaryllis is fragrant. Anything this pretty should smell good, and this one does.
Sweet perfume for the greenhouse.
Before long most everything can go outside except those
few that will spend the summer in a hot, humid environment
under mist with an exhaust fan.
Some plants like these Persian Shield look as if they'll be glad to get out of
 small pots and into the ground where they can stretch.


kenju said...

That is my favorite amaryillis. Love the color!

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I really love the persian shield. Will have to look them up...I love the foliage so much

Margaret Thele said...

I'd take he-who-mows up on another greenhouse - you can never have too much space!

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