March 14, 2013

Bloom Day in the March Greenhouse

In the house so you can see the orchid that came into bloom after years of sitting in a glass cyclinder once its first flush was over. It is surrounded by orchids I took courage to buy this winter when I realized the first one had buds forming.

You can see He-who-mows working on the greenhouse doors outside.
Let's join him outside and peek into the greenhouse.
Appleblossom has a sweet fragrance, noticeable when you walk inside. This is the second year of bloom for Appleblossom. I was hoping for Christmas bloom. My timing was a little off.

 'Nymph' Hippeastrum is new this season. It bloomed for Christmas and again, and now a third time.

Kalanchoe, a great winter houseplant. The next year, I take new cuttings.
Photo from earlier in the week before 'Nymph' opened.
Happy Bloom Day!

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Bernie H said...

Your Orchids are simply lovely. 'Appleblossom' makes my heart sing, and I just adore your pure white Kalanchoe flowers.

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