March 16, 2013

Butterflies in the Greenhouse

Ike jiggled the butterfly mobile hanging by his wicker perch and I remembered it was there. Perfect for the back of the potting bench~

Twice this week I rescued a butterfly who wandered in. The best blossoms were outside; I'm hardening the Pentas so they can go into the garden. I have an old dip net that I found on the road. I tore off the heavier netting and made a tulle net secured with Duck brand tape. I pull the net into a deep shape, capture the insect and then turn him upside down outside and gently push up. It only takes a moment and he's free!
I can't get enough of the Amaryllis, prettier every day as more blooms open.
Nymph today.

Nymph today.

The current plan is to keep most of the Amaryllis in containers, even the second year seedlings.

Appleblossom today.

I was able to bring Appleblossom to bloom again this year but my timing was off. I had aimed for December bloom which I missed by more than two months. I'm happy to see blooms at any time during the winter.


Bernie H said...

Obviously those butterflies know there's a great feed in your greenhouse as well. Maybe it's just a bit of dessert they're looking for!

Those Amaryllis are simply fabulous. I never tire of seeing your photos of their blooms.

NellJean said...

Bernie, I just started going in and holding the camera up over them, lol.

Bernie H said...

Well they deserve to be highlighted from every angle. They are so lovely.

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