March 25, 2013

Everybody Back Inside! 3 more Cold Nights Ahead

Just when I thought the worst was over -- and of course my worst weather is nothing compared to yours -- all the tropicals are back inside until the temperatures stop hovering around freezing in the early morning hours.

Persian Shield can tolerate some cold, but not a freeze. Purple Heart left in the ground has already put out new growth. These have never left the greenhouse.

Pentas in all colors have enjoyed some days in the sun, only to com back inside.

Grapevine balls with succulents, epis and graptopetalum must wait for near-tropical nights to go out under shade.

Just this afternoon I discovered a bud on one of the Angel Trumpet cuttings! I've covered new growth that had put out on those Brugmansias that spent the winter killed back to the roots.

Every spring we teeter between warmth and freezes. Two days ago we were deciding what to do about the new crop of mosquitos.

I brought the electric heaters back to the greenhouse and plugged them in.

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Margaret Thele said...

So true about the variable spring weather...I'm hoping for it to moderate so I can start bringing the hardy perennial seedlings outside on benches in the nursery. I get kicked out of the community garden on April 15th so warm weather better come soon!

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