March 23, 2013

We Are in that Time when Plants Want to Go Outside

Late yesterday I planted all but one of the Gerbera Daisies That you see
lined up along the timber to the back of this bed behind Sweet Williams.
Pentas on the ground are ready for planting as some in the garden return from
roots. I can never be positive they will return, so I always have cuttings.

Some things moved out, some wait. Bird's nest fern will go in the house.

Datura seed in yogurt cups. Only Purple have a set of true leaves.
Datura likes hot weather.
Kalancoe cuttings needing a spot outside or pots.
Persian Shield cuttings, ready for a shady location. 

White Shrimp Plant putting on blooms, finally.
Red Shrimp plant outside is blooming like crazy. 
Chartreuse alternanthera cuttings.
Alternanthera in the garden is emerging from its roots in spots, some failed.
Alternanthera blooms in winter, insignificant white blossoms.
It is the time of year when I am fearful of putting plants into cool soil, fearful of a late frost, sure that Spring has sprung because I see new growth, overwhelmed at all the tasks ahead knowing that hot weather will be here soon when I'll need to stay inside where it's cool and the permanent greenhouse tropical plants will spend the summer out under trees in partial shade.
Are you ready for Spring?


Alison said...

I am so ready for spring I am past ready. We are in that time when *I* want to go outside! I just sowed Datura seeds the other day. No sign of sprouts yet. I have them out in the hoophouse AND I'm giving them bottom heat from a mat as well. Do you soak your seeds?

NellJean said...

I am not a fan of soaking seeds -- more work. Do seeds on the jungle floor get a soaking? I'm sure it speeds up the process but I usually just stick them in the soil and wait. And water. And wait.

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