March 30, 2013

White Flowers

The plan for the Greenhouse area is to have mostly white flowers. Color always slips into my garden.

I planted seeds from a Gerbera Daisy with a white bloom that came from seed from a pink Gerbera Daisy. The first seedling bloomed white. This is the second. It will stay. You know the story of Mendel and the peas? There are Sweet Williams in this bed, also from seeds of a white plant. They may be pink, or auricular eyed, or white as planned. I'll enjoy any and all.
 Phildelphus inodorus
At each corner of the Greenhouse is a Mock Orange. I am certain they will be white. I am also certain that they won't be fragrant, they are suckers from the one above.
Mama called her Philadelphus 'English Dogwood' and hers was double and fragrant. This is native Dogwood, Cornus florida. Many of my Dogwoods had sparse blooms this year.
Sweet alyssum, easy from seed and Bath's Pinks, easily divided.

Iberis, or Candytuft. Cuttings for this Candytuft came from a neighbor's garden in 1973.
Two of the original plants survived her. I am rooting more now.
Native Azalea 'Alabamense'
I posted the yellow Native Azalea recently that preceded this one. I don't
know the name, several people asked but I suspect the yellow may be
'Varnadoe's Lemon Drop' or a hybrid of it..
This is just plain 'Alabamense' native, not hybrid. 

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Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Gosh, I have missed seeing flowers...even with rye grass, perrinneals, etc I have so missed the "life" the spring brings back to the landscape

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