April 15, 2013

Bloom Day in the Greenhouse April 2013

Spring is really here! There are still plants to set out and plans to make.
I ended up with 3 dozen cuttings at the end.

Graptopetalum and Sedum acre in a broken pot arrangement.

Neoregelia Bromeliad and pink Begonias

Fibrous rooted Begonia cuttings

I keep reading that Impatiens have fallen to a fatal fungus. I learned years back that in this hot climate, impatiens were going to demand oceans of twice-daily watering or they would faint and fall over. Wax-leaf begonias are a tough substitute.

Angel Wing Begonia
Cane Begonias are also easily rooted. I'm going to try planting some outside in the garden.

The Easter Cactus is a bit late. These are the first blooms open and more buds coming. What looks like snow on the Arrowhead vine is sawdust from a carpenter bee, making a nest under the bench.

Orchids are not really in the greenhouse. They prefer the climate in the house.
Orchids are not as finicky as I used to think and the blooms last for months!
Happy Bloom Day.
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Mara Paz said...

I love the way you group your plants. It's given me some interesting ideas for my succulents.

Andrea said...

Hello NellJean, it seems like we have some plants in common. I have those pentas too plus a red one which turned out to be more floriferous. However, our province climate is hot and dry so can't grow begonia just as we grow the others.

Gardens-In-The-Sand said...

Do you ever get caterpillars on your pentas?
I was recently talking about the button weed caterpillar, the tersa sphinx... And heard complaints that it also used penta as a host plant...

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