April 09, 2013

Butterfly Update: Pentas go Outside

Planting out progresses slowly. Pink Pentas went in a bed where last year's pinks are putting up new foliage from the roots.  Not all will return.  Some pink Daylilies were brought out from under a Cycad.

Today I saw a Spicebush Swallowtail had found the Pentas planted yesterday.
Blooms for nectaring are fewer in the garden this week except for lavender Lantana and Bath's Pinks.
I saw a big Tiger Swallowtail on Bath's Pinks this afternoon. Dianthus are attractive to butterflies.
The Hyacinths that were attractive to February's brave Butterflies are now just maturing foliage.
There were only three cuttings each of small lavender Pentas and the red Pentas with an eye.
I don't know why. The Lavender are now in a bed with Persian Shield.

Some of these are pink Pentas now planted out. The lighter pink is what
we call 'Miss Julie's Favorite." My fav is palest pink, but I'm not a
Butterfly. There's still no decision on where red and white will go.

I moved the Pentas nearer the greenhouse door where watering is easier.

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