April 03, 2013

Indoor Greenhouse Plants are Moving Outdoors

Before the rain started, I planted out 5 Brugmansia cuttings, saving 2 to give away and one to plant in a large container.
Brug awaiting potting.
Last year's Brugs are starting to put out new growth from the roots.

Underneath the Brugs, I'll put Purple Datura seedlings with White Daturas below
them, layering by size.

I never meant to become a Bromeliad collector. Starting out with just one, then another, as they put on pups, suddenly I'm growing bromeliads everywhere.

This Tillandisia was a tiny thing with a pretty pink paddle with blue blooms.
The blooms have finished and pups are forming in the center.

Pups forming around a Bromeliad Guzmania.

 Easter Cactus Rhipsalidopsis that failed to bloom on our schedule is putting on buds for a season of bloom. Someone gave me this beautiful Cactus. I have an intermediate size that I rooted and a smaller rooted cutting -- another collection along with 5 colors of Schlumbergera. I'm delighted to have all the Christmas Cactuses in season. They just need maintenance the rest of the year.

Angel Wing Begonia Blossoms
My Begonias are turning into a collection, too. I cut off the tops of some leggy Angel Wings back in the winter. The tops rooted, the original stems put out new growth. Suddenly I have a pot full of new. I'm looking for more, different.
Night Blooming Cereuses -- another collection
Epiphyllums have lined up on an improvised bench under shade of a Juniper tree.
Am I becoming a plant hoarder?
By the way, I cleaned the Cycad seeds and planted a half dozen, just to see if they sprout.

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