April 11, 2013

Lemon Grass and White Pentas in the Yellow Rose Bed

Cymbopogon citratus is one of the popular garden grasses here. In this clumate it does not set seeds, so no seeding about where it isn't wanted. It does die back in winter but puts out from the roots when warm weather returns. I

In late winter, I pulled up a dead looking clump similar to the one above center and divided the stems into culms. Left in a bucket in the greenhouse with minimal water, it started to put on new roots and growth, come warm days. The clump above wants dividing and replanting for a nicer border.

Lemon Grass culm at bottom left.
Thursday I planted 13 Lemon Grass culms along the edge of one of the rock beds.

White Pentas from 2012.
Several clumps of White Pentas in the Yellow Rose Bed have new foliage from the roots.
I planted 4 more among those clumps for the delight of Butterflies.
My rooted cuttings have roots filling the pots, but not root-bound.
Everything I planted is on the other end of this bed.
At right is Parsley planted last spring, now going to seed.
Butterflies totally ignored my parsley last year. Some years they eat it
to the ground. I hope that happens before it finishes seeding out.

Enough 'Julia Child' blooms are open to catch the fragrance from a distance.
Besides Roses, Lemon Grass, Pentas and Parsley in this bed, the side next the driveway has a row of Yellow Daylilies already putting up scapes.
Joining Tootsie Time for Fertilizer Friday. Fertilizer? I am running so far behind and the blueberries are calling for Fertilizer according to He-Who-Mows. See you!


Jane said...

I see many familiar plants in your garden! I too have lemon grass and covered it this winter for our 3-4 slight freezes. I recently cut back the dead leaves and transplanted a clump because it was getting too thick. One son loves making tea with it and the other cooking it with fresh caught fish.
Enjoy your spring before it gets too hot!

xinex said...

I planted lemon grass this year too. Hope it makes it. You have a beautiful garden....Christine

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