April 10, 2013

Plans for Greenhouse Summer

The temperature reached 99.5 in the greenhouse today, with ventilating fan and mist. I was able to get it down by a few degrees by opening the vents on top; must watch the plants remaining inside for stress.

Pentas everywhere. Need to get them planted, butterflies are out.

Potted up one Brugmansia yesterday. Pentas await planting once I
decide just how the bed with Red Pentas is going to go. I may make
it smaller this year and omit Gomphrena.
White Pentas cuttings. The Yellow Rose bed Pentas from last year have
great new foliage, too.
Inside, the Easter Cactus is a little late, but putting on buds.

I found an Amaryllis bud on one of last year's plants. Nymph, which bloomed with no foliage, is now putting on new leaves as the last stem turns brown. Begonias are faring okay on the floor where it is
a little cooler.

The pest control crew is at work. Ike the Cat has moved to cooler quaters, creating himself a 'cave'
on the carport under a bench with his winter covers for a tent. Anoles are glad he left the building.
The other day I walked into the greenhouse and a fat toad was sitting in a pot of tiny segments from my Burro's Tail Sedum put to root. He was disgruntled at being made to move. I was not happy about my tiny rootlings being sat upon, either. At least two already had tiny plants forming.
I moved them to a high shelf. The toad hopped off under the potting bench. His name is Delmar.

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