April 12, 2013

Random in the Greenhouse

I'm trying to keep the greenhouse at a reasonable temperature until everything inside is ready for planting or a summer outside in part shade.

 Big plants like Epiphyllums are already summering outdoors. I try not to look at them except to water in hopes of discovering buds soon. I made pics but they're just a mass of huge leaves and stems. I repotted the two in small pots. Even cuttings get big and need a heavy pot to stay upright.

Miss Winnie's Easter Cactus finally commenced bloom.
My smaller, rooted Rhipsalidopsis have no buds yet.

Ike's Lemon Grass. He kept the tops chewed off during the winter.
It kept him from shredding things like Bromeliads. 
I planted out the culms I brought in to grow better roots, now these can go out.
Begonia bloom.
Between the Jungle Cacti and Begonias, there
would be plenty of color in the greenhouse
in winter if I planted nothing else.
I could let this Christmas Cactus fruit mature and plant the dustlike seeds....
I watched a video. The tiny seedlings were so precious and then he said 'years' to bloom.
White Begonia cuttings and a Bromeliad.
Daturas from seed, both white and Purple. They need to grow on a just a bit.
I am very fond of nightblooming plants. The shiny black stems on Purple
Daturas give them a really exotic appearance.
Another Amaryllis that I had given up seeing bloom again has put on a bud.
I didn't take a picture; we've looked at Amaryllis buds all winter.
Another Amaryllis planted in the ground outside is about to bloom, a red.

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