April 21, 2013

Solar LIghts for a Garden Accent

These lights were a present some years back. They finally stopped working and I left them as markers here and there. I'm always needing something vertical to mark the spot where a sprinkler goes, or to prop a floppy plant, keep a hose out of a bed or just fill a gap.

 Along the bricks are Ghost Plants. I grow a new plant from every
little leaf that falls off and have dozens to find a home.
He-who-mows, looking for busy work when he couldn't sleep, picked them all up, cleaned and repaired them and put them in the poppy beds on either side of the driveway.
There are tiny colored light bulbs inside. In the dark, they change from red to green to cobalt blue.

 These beds are in transition. Hyacinth foliage is maturing, Brugmansias are just starting to grow. Poppies and Rose Campion in this one with huge plants of Mexican hats that may get a haircut will be replaced by Daturas under the Brugs.

Then the California poppies that this bed boasts die back along with foliage of pink Spider Lilies, Brugs and Daturas will bloom with purple daylilies. Pink Spider Lilies may make an August appearance. They are shy bloomers after they're moved until one magical year when they decide to appear as Naked Ladies. If foliage means anything, this is the year.
Solar lights at night.


Anonymous said...

WOW! It would certainly adds a beautiful accent to the garden.

gld said...

What beautiful lights. I have never seen that kind before.

Bernie H said...

Those old solar lights look fantastic. I think I'd be leaving them in the garden even if they didn't work.

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