May 01, 2013

A Look Back at April in the Greenhouse

A look back and a look forward.
Easter Cactus bloomed late. Maybe we'll call it a Mother's Day Cactus.
Perhaps we chould use the botanical names of all these epiphytes; my cactuses that are designated as Thanksgiving Cactus by some growers because of the segment shape bloom precisely at Christmas. I call them Christmas Cactuses even though they're not the old Christmas Cactus my Mother grew.I can remember Schlumbergera but Rhipsalidopsis gaertneri does not roll easily off my tongue.
I spent time setting up a stepped bench for the cactuses in the greenhouse today. I think they might be happier spending the summer out on the north side of the greenhouse rather than trying to keep them cool inside. All those little rooted pieces are turning into a bigger collection that I expected. A good plan might be to set out a row of Gardenia cuttings on the north side and make my temporary benches behind the Gardenias so they are less vulnerable to pet traffic.
The little Kalanchoe cuttings are suddenly 8 inches tall and it is a long time until Christmas.

Bomeliads are needing a summer home, or should  they stay inside under mist?

Tillandsia babies will be ready to pot before summer is over.

All the tomato seeds sprouted, Cassias are sprouting, another legume for butterflies.

Only one Pride of Barbados seed sprouted. There's still time for the others. Outside, I have 7 Caesalpinias that returned from roots. Two are established plants. The other five are second year seedlings that I hope will bloom this year.

There's a fat bud on one of the Agapanthus outside! It took forever last year to get a few blooms. These are starting early after a mild winter in which the tops were not killed back.

I think I saw two tiny Tithonia seedlings today and I am sure of Madagascar periwinkles coming up thick and fast. These two do not have to be started in the greenhouse here, reseeding in place.

I noticed today that there are tiny tomatoes on a volunteer I let grow in the new flower bed on the south side of the greenhouse. We'll have 'Tommy Toes' for salad and then I'll pull it when the Lantana beside it gets going. I have only one white Lantana plant. I'm waiting for white blooms in the front garden so I can take cuttings.

Many of my chores were outside. I gave the self-seeded petunias a haircut to keep them blooming and get rid of the seed heads of the rye grass in that bed. I pulled a few weeds, too.
I moved an Echinacea, moved some 'Sweetness' daffodils, transplanted some striped Cannas. It doesn't seem like much when I'm doing little chores but they add up. We got sprinkles of welcome rain, hardly enough to run me inside. Tonight it's raining again. 



Janie Jurkiewicz said...

My petunias did not make it past June as I you have them in shade? The Mexican Petunias fare well, however.

NellJean said...

They planted themselves in shade.

The original 'Laura Bush' petunias were in full sun along the asphalt driveway. Petunias need cutting back by about a third when they begin to stretch tall. Kept snipped back they'll last all summer. Some of the hybrids from the nursery may not last as well as the self-seeding kind.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I think I had my petunias in a bad spot because they simply couldn't take the heat...I looked at where you lived in relation to me...I am slightly more south than you but on the coast..which I think it makes it cooler??

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