May 30, 2013

How Long Do Seeds Last?

I found some seeds in my desk that had no date, from Janie in Texas. There was a small packet of red Hollyhock seeds and loose in the padded envelope were seeds about a half inch across, round, flat and kind of wrinkled. My first guess is Orchid Tree. I planted them in a tray, 3 to a cell since they are not exactly 'fresh' but being large seeds, probably will sprout. I set the tray under the mist so they'll stay damp enough to sprout in the heat, obviously tropical.

Come on in the greenhouse for your weekly peek.

Tomato seedlings.

3 Camellia seedlings.

I found seeds on a Gerbera and planted them
in a yoghurt cup. Year of the Gerbera, Yay!
Watch for little fat seeds, many are not viable.

White begonias look so cool. They haven't found a home. Yet.

Pink Begonias beside stone steps to secret path.

Bromeliads moved out to the rough steps to summer with Begonias planted along the path.

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Bernie H said...

Those Broms look fantastic next to the rough steps. Such a gorgeous Bromeliad.

Well done on getting those Gerbera seeds to sprout, and best of luck with those Orchid Tree seeds too.

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