May 26, 2013

If I had a Potager, It Would Be Here

It is a wanna be Potager, not at all compact and neat with paths and borders and an enclosure. Well, there are paths but they have to be at least 54" wide for the mower or a narrow path between two rows that you will see below.

Tomato Patch, Grape Arbor, Blueberry Bushes and Pear Tree. There are other pears not seen.
Heirloom Tomatoes, 20 of them, with a hasty path in the middle weighted with pieces of brick and stones. Irrigation is by tiny drippers on two lines.
Each line has a tee in the center so the water pressure is equalized to each end.
Grass is already starting, needs a good hoeing and a layer of compost, waiting in the wheelbarrow.
I had 5 pounds of collected earthworm castings, so each plant got a half-cup.
The name of the one with the funny shaped leaves is Brandywine, I think.
I wondered if Heirloom tomatoes can compete with soil nematodes. I read that Bahia Grass is toxic to nematodes. This little patch was fallow last year and Bahia Grass was part of its makeup. I pulled enough out I think to have done battle with any nematodes.
Every tomato needs to have some dwarf Marigolds to help with the battle. I think I have seeds.
Master controller for the tomatoes and grapes.
Blueberries and pears are watered from a different standpipe.
Beneficials were really busy when the blueberries bloomed, pollinating so many blooms.
I thinned some of the pears so the limbs don't break.
Figs and peaches are elsewhere.
There are more tomato plants still in the greenhouse, bumped up to bigger pots for now.
Peppers are in containers.
We ate small tomatoes today from last year's plants that survived winter in the greenhouse.
The Herb Garden I planned for here has not happened.
My Thyme died. There's Rosemary galore in the Upper Garden, and Oregano gone wild in a flower bed. Parsley from last year is blooming and will soon seed out. I need to start more.
Do you have an Edibles Garden? Does it have all the Elements of a Potager:
  1. Pathways
  2. Enclosure
  3. Borders
  4. Structure
  5. Order: Formal or Informal
  6. Focal point
  7. Ornamental plants
  8. Potting shed or tool storage

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Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I have no idea what a Potager is so I will look it up but I was much more enamored by your irrigation system. I haven't put mine yet for the rose garde n but I saw you had two drips on the same plant.

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