May 23, 2013

It's about Time to Empty the Greenhouse

This is the end of the Greenhouse season, more or less. Glenda in the Ozarks wants to see the hoses and mess that I'd rather hide. I'd rather show you what's growing and blooming.

This Neoregelia Bromeliad was a pup last summer. It's about to bloom, I had not expected so soon.

Here's the peek. There are two hoses, many jugs for watering the plants
I moved outside, bits and pieces that are rooting or salvaged.
I wished for years for a Burro's Tail. The small one I bought last winter, I saved the little piece that broke off and all the stray leaves. They're growing new plants.
I did a really dumb thing. I bought a Mistletoe Cactus at the same time as the Burro Tail. It grew fast and I divided it into three plants. Yesterday I picked up the soap/olive oil solution for spraying for pests, poured some in my watering can and started 'watering' two of my Rhipsalis with NOT water.
I soaked them good with clear water and today they look all right, but I hope I learned to label, or not leave things sitting around in milk jugs besides water, or something.
Left are pieces of Baths' Pink and right are Mexican Bush Sage that I salvaged when I dug into a bed.
I've already planted half the Pinks and gave my Daughter in Law half the Salvias.

Candlesticks from saved seed. I haven't grown Cassias in a while.
Outside, things don't always go according to plan.
I meant to have an all white bed.

So far the 3 seedling Gerbera Daisies that bloomed are all pink shades.
White lantana that I planned for last summer died in the greenhouse for lack of water. I have one new cutting in this bed that is about to bloom, waiting for those in the front garden to bloom so I can take more cuttings.
Last evening when I was watering, I said to myself, 'These Amaryllis in pots are a lot of trouble to keep watered until August.' I did a double take: Benfica who bloomed for Christmas has a
new bud!
Tomato seeds in compost came up. I let them grow just to see.
Looks like there are really two plants with two different 'Tommy Toes.'
A viola volunteer by the dog's water container.
The rest of violas have died in the heat.
Welcome to Summer!

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