May 16, 2013

It's That Time of Year

It's the Time of Year when there are so many chores and too little time.

Bromeliads need a summer space. I'm afraid they may be too tender to leave outside year around. This one, a pup last summer, looks as if it may be near ready to bloom.

Bromeliads are good companions. This pot eneds a choice spot outside.
The one in the grapevine sphere looks too dry. I put it under mist today.
Some Candytuft cuttings rooted and are ready to go outside.
The begonia is like a cute puppy -- it will find a home.

Alternanthera planted itself in the floor. It is happy to spend the summer inside
despite the great heat. It is a great companion to many of the garden plants.

Sedum acre is blooming just outside the door in a broken pot.
I moved jungle Cactuses and Kalanchoes outside. I think the Christmas Cactuses are in too much sun, will have to move them before they burn. Epiphyllums I check daily for buds, too soon.

Begonias are holding well. I bought four new azalea pots and two fluted pots with white trim for use in the fall for forcing bulbs. If I don't plan in advance, it will be fall and there will be no pots.
Bits and pieces are holding for planting and I get slower and slower as the weather gets warmer and warmer. I'm starting to urge rooted cuttings and seedlings ready to plant on visitors.
I did plant a rose cutting from a gallon pot.
He-Who-Mows promised to help me get a space ready for my heirloom Tomato seedlings that are
out-growing their starter pots. 

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Amen! to the too many chores..

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