May 29, 2013

Marvin's Gardens

Marvin invites me to his garden to gather vegetables, welcoming me to dig potatoes, pick squash and beans and cut a cabbage the size of a bowling ball.

 Cabbages, potatoes and tomatoes.

Beans, squash and more beans.

Okra at left,  happy that the weather is now hot.

When I thanked him for the veggies, he thanked me for coming to pick them. He says that I'm the only one who will come and work; everybody else will accept vegetables that he picks and hauls to them. I'm honored to be invited to someone's garden.

I took him two of my Heirloom Tomato plants, which he said brings his total to 40. This morning I dropped off a CD with 24 photos of the garden.

I tried to get pictures of the bluebirds but they were suspicious of my movements and flew away at every try. A Finch was trying to build a nest in one of the boxes where woodpeckers had enlarged the holes. It's a busy place, Marvin's Gardens.

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