May 02, 2013

Rootin' and Sproutin' and Dividing

'The wind is fierce here today. It got so rough I closed the greenhouse at one point. The sun came out and we opened up again, turned on the fan. Ike the Cat was right back in there, his favorite hangout.

Rhipsalis from a tiny pot I bought in late winter, now divided into 3.
The smallest piece is back in the original 2" pot.

Tillandsia pups. Unlike other Bromeliads these grow in the center of
the plant rather than around the mother plant.

Every little piece that fell off my Burro's Tail Sedum was saved and placed in a 5" pot.
Most have new growth. The one
at left was a piece, not a leaf.

Salvia leucantha divisions
Cassia alata seedlings, Candlestick Plant.
Iberis that rooted has blooms.

Heirloom tomato seedlings, no true leaves yet.
Busywork: I hauled the bricks out that I hauled in yesterday, disassembling the rough shelves and reassembling them on the north side outdoors. Now I've decided that there might be more sun out there than the epiphytes want. When the winds settle and the sun is out all day again, we'll see. It's hard to remember the sun's path in a particular spot from year to year.


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