June 06, 2013

A Peek into the Greenhouse before I set everything on the Floor.

Tropical Storm Andrea on the way this morning had me worried just enough to want to make sure no flying crockery went through the greenhouse walls.

 White Begonias repotted on Tuesday except for the one on the left. These cuttings have grown well.

After the Photo, I put everything on the floor in case of high winds. That possibility is not over as I prepare this post but the ceiling vents are locked down and the doors are secured, to the chagrin of  Ike the Cat who thinks this fine weather for hanging out.

Except for some few Tomato seedlings and Iberis cuttings I planted out most everything that was still waiting in the greenhouse. These cool, rainy days are a respite from our usual hot and humid but it won't last. Andrea will move on and the sun will come out again.

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