June 17, 2013

Begonias and Tomatoes, Summer Staples

Begonias are much easier than the now-maligned-because-they-get-a-virus and die Impatiens. Wax-leaf Begonias can go without water without fainting and falling over. They let you know they've been mistreated by going all pale in the foliage.

White begonias tried out last evening for a role in pots where
Violas spent the winter beside the circle bench.
Later today I'll go back with fresh potting soil and pot them there.

They are in mostly shade except in late afternoon as the sun goes down. They joined an urn of striped Spider Plants.  One project done calls for another. Now wisteria must be pruned so I can see past and through it.

I made a tuteur style support for Kellogg's Breakfast Tomato that's being adored by a Kniphofia. I drove a rebar piece into the ground and one long stake of the tuteur went into the ground about a foot.

Rebar is the main support -- the wood pieces are mostly decoration, lashed with twine.

Flamme and Black Krim tomatoes and their supports: rebar and decor. I drove wood stakes in the ground beside the plants to discourage armadillo digging here.

Hot, hot today. Forty per cent chance of showers, would be much appreciated.

When I went out to the greenhouse for a moment, a big Zebra Swallowtail flitted past the doors as I came out. I was beginning to despair about butterflies -- they seem scarce for this time of year.

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Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I always under the impression that begonias like sun. But mine are faring well in the shady screen porch. My windged begonia is still blooming but it's flowers or kind of pale. Wonder if I should remove the flowers since they have been there forever...do you "deadhead" begonias?

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