June 26, 2013

From Seed to Fruit in a Season

The season isn't over and fruit is not ripe but we are seeing progress.

Seed planted late April now producitng tomatoes.
Cassia alata Candlesticks from seed. Bloom expected late summer.
Fruit from Candlesticks are seeds for subsequent years.

From bottom: Cassia alata, Silene from scattered seed, reseeded
petunia and second year Pride of Barbados plant from seed.
Pride of Barbados and Cassia were started in greenhouse.
Flamme tomato plant started in greenhouse in April, now in Front
Garden bed and starting to bloom.
All tomatoes fertilized yesterday and today and given a small spoonful of Epsom Salts.
Black Cherry Tomatoes in Ruins Bed were staked and grass and weeds pulled.
Dark buds of Purple Datura and black stems, plants from seed this Spring.
 Not many seedlings are left in the greenhouse except for a couple of Gerbera Daisies. Something has sprouted where I thought cuttings were earlier that I have to wait to identify until it has true leaves.
Only a month until time to plant perennial and biennial seeds. Some of my Sweet William plants have root rot. Dianthus has a hard time in hot humid weather. Bath's Pinks cuttings are struggling too.

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Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Your cassia's look different then mine. At least in the leaves. These are the ones grown from seeds that we were talking about? How big will they get? Mine grew fast last year but it came to me as a small potted plant but did very well in droughty, dry conditions.

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