June 27, 2013

I vowed when Gardenia foliage obscured white Azaleas in the spring that I would cut them back when they finished bloom.

Yesterday the heat index here was reported by local TV station as 100 degrees. Projects outside must be done in stages. So far I’ve cut all of two Gardenias and part of another, only 3 to go.

When I cut shrubbery, it is very hard for me not to save every piece for rooting.

There are 7 rooted Gardenias outside the greenhouse. There’s really no reason to root more.

There are a half dozen rooted white Kalanchoe in anticipation of Christmas. Stock plants have new foliage that begs rooting as well. Sometimes I just can't restrain myself.

I really got carried away with Schlumbergera.

Epiphyllums are summering on a makeshift bench. There are 3 buds on one, soon to bloom

Epiphyllum, soon to bloom.
This one had 3 buds. One failed, the one on the right. Sometimes they abort for lack of water, sometimes for another reason I don’t know. Ugly foliage is on the ground in a tray. Sometimes a yellow leaf will root and everything turn green and make a good plant. I have 5 pots now, the last three were pieces that broke off and I rooted.

Other people are plant collectors who want one of every cultivar. I want dozens of the one I have.

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Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I am so envious of your greenhouse...mine looks like a tornado hit it. I do love gardenias as well...never thought of rooting them...any rooting I do will be in the fall...

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