June 03, 2013

Like Transplanting in a Steam Bath

We had a half inch of rain last night. Today is alternating cloudy and sunny. The temperature and the humidity were neck and neck for a while.

Just before noon, the temp was 79 and the humidity was 81. When humidity gets that high, sweating doesn't cool you, the moisture beads on your skin and rolls off rather than evaporating.

White Shrimp Plant

I transplanted Shrimp plants and some others. Everything went into the Upper Garden in part shade. There were red Shrimps and a big Gerbera seedling.

Echinacea in the Upper Garden in shade

The red Shrimp Plants went in beside some Echinacea and the little Mariesii Hydrangeas.  I tucked the Gerbera Daisy near another one.

The greenhouse needs to be as empty as possible for summer. Ike the Cat is still going in there but he crawls under the potting bench to rest on the cool floor just out of reach of the mist.

I transplanted a half dozen Tomato seedlings today, one to replace the one the cutworm got in my Tomato Patch and more in sunny beds where I used varieties with more colorful fruits that are not red.

Christmas and Easter Cactus cuttings.
I am keeping a close eye on Cactus cuttings for viruses. They may need to move back inside this week until rain is over. I already removed some in plastic pots from cache pots that do not drain.




Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Amen! The temps here have been in the 80s but according to weather.com ( and for once I agree) it reads that it feels like 90s and 100s. I was at the co-op and Dina said the roses haven't been doing like normal. I think the intense heat coupled with drought is the cause. There is a system in the gulf.....I will go wash the car, but please rain!

Ally said...

I'm growing the white shrimp plant for the first time this year. I bought it on a whim because it was in bloom and looked so cool. I'm in a droughty part of zone 8 in Central Texas. I'm concerned it might need more water than the regular shrimp plant. Any growing advice?

NellJean said...

Since Sunday we've had a total of more than 2, less than 3 inches, I think.

Back to 90 degrees and varying chances of thunderstorms. We're grateful for every drop of rain that falls.

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