June 08, 2013

Robbing Peter to Pay Paul

In winter when Pine Needles fall, I store them in the stick house. Often to save loading and unloading, I gather them and pile at the ends of existing flower beds, and easy way to discourage grass and extend the bed later.

Pine Straw Mulch

When I'm planting out seedlings and rooted cuttings in spring and summer, I 'borrow' some of the extra pine straw from a bed end to mulch the new plants.

This morning I planted a couple of Iberis cuttings and took more cuttings from existing plants -- at this rate I will never empty the greenhouse.

Eight good sized plants of Salvia leucantha replaced some that died in the long rock bed and added to the beds nearby to give continuity among the beds.

Ike with Pineapple Sage

The remaining Pineapple Sage in a pot got a new home and some pine straw. Its companions are a red gladioli and some Milk and Wine Lilies. I dug up a daffodil siting the Salvia. Sigh.

Yesterday I planted out the remaining Bath's Pinks.


Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Okay, I believe I saw a fan in your greenhouse....because I was thinking how could you possibly keep it cool in there...mine is literally an oven. I know how you feel about not seeming to get caught up. Andrea completely missed us...which I was hoping for the rain.....

And great idea on the pine straw...I usually hate pine trees..but now I am starting to like them but they are in places where I can't seem to get the pine straw.

NellJean said...

You did see a fan in the east end and there's a mist system that sprays a fog. Even with all that it's still awfully warm in there.

Plants are on the floor under the mist and moving out as quickly as I get to it.

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