July 03, 2013

Best-laid Plans on a Rainy Day

View from carport in the rain.

On the left Christmas Cactuses and Kalanchoes in pots in partial shade.  Beyond the pot ghetto there's a little 'hallway' behind shrubbery and under Sassafras trees that leads to a kind of Secret Garden and patio in front of Pumphouse.
Potted Amaryllis enjoying the summer just in front of the shrubbery include several seedlings that are not quite yet blooming size. In late August all Amaryllis will go into the garden shed to dry off and rest until late October. That worked last year but bloom was well beyond Christmas, which really doesn't matter. 
My best-laid plans move slowly in summer heat. The flowers on the right side did not turn out as expected. Sweet Williams are dying off slowly with nary a bloom. I set potted pepper plants that survived from last year and are blooming and have small fruits in the side bed so I would remember to water and fertlize them. I pulled volunteer tomatoes that were not part of the plan and ratibida, too. I think they came in the compost.
Small Philadelphus plants near the front corners are far from being the size I envision but they are growing.
If this were a small suburban yard I would plan for a paved walk from driveway to greenhouse door.
The real-life fact is that frequently a vehicle goes from front of the tractor shed off the driveway to  join a field road that goes by the Upper Garden. I don't need the Fed-Ex man running over a pathway, so I just put up with  sometimes walking in wet grass. I try not to walk in the same place making a trail across the grass.
Rainy days are good for planning. I'm making bulb lists for forced bulbs and fall planted bulbs for outdoors. I waver between a greenhouse plan for blue/purple/white hyacinths and pink/white. White Amaryllis really caught my eye on the Danish blogs but the more colorful Hippeastrums I grew are beautiful. Maybe I should take into consideration that all Kalanchoes here are white and Christmas cactuses are all shades: pink, white, orange and scarlet. 

Christmas Cactuses 2012. Rainy days call for reminiscing.


Janie Jurkiewicz said...

The cactus are beautiful. Are they still in your greenhouse?

NellJean said...

They're outside in the shade. If the rain keeps up they'll need to come back inside but I think rain is about over for now.

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