July 16, 2013

Foliage Plants in Purple, Chartreuse and Grey

Tropical Foliage will show up on Seedscatterer blog on Wednesday. Well, these are fairly tropical as well. These plants are easily propagated,

I use much Purple Heart in my plantings. It roots easily, a broken off piece can
just be stuck in the ground and it will root; the same with the Sedum acre at
bottom. Spider plants are usually thought of as container plants. They work 
well in garden plantings and in our climate will return from roots if the tops 
do not survive the winter. Baby spiders send out roots before they reach soil.

Graptopetalum paraguayense -- last year I had 36 plants, each from
a leaf that broke off, rooted in soil. I planted some along the edges 
of these beds that are raised 2 bricks high; excellent drainage here.

More Graptopetalum with an inset pot of Chartreuse Alternanthera.
Alternanthera is easily rooted in soil or water. I usually keep a coffee mug
full over the winter for new starts. Sedum acre peeks out at bottom.
Sedum acre survives with little water but recent rains has made it lush.

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