July 10, 2013

Forced Renovation

Heavy rainfall on Sunday caused a flood of water across the Upper Garden. Except for silt on grass where water stood for a short time, there was little plant damage. Water rushing out of the garden took the path that leads down to a sort of Dry Creek/Stone Steps that I use as a shortcut and water channel. Plants behind the stacked bricks are actually in a raised bed

Lantana beside steps took a beating.
Bricks washed off the stacked wall. Pine straw washed off the path  and
holes appeared but no weeds washed away. It may remain a swept path until
pine straw falls  in Autumn. Small stones washed out of the steps.

River stones washed all the way across the driveway. I picked them up and
tossed them back around the steps. I brought in two new stones where
 a hole washed on the left side. 
Path in April.
Also in April, from above.
Water is a powerful force.

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