July 08, 2013

In My Other World There Is Spanish Moss and Water

I went to see if the pond has water. It was out of its banks.

When I realized I was driving through water, I stopped and took a picture then went up the hill and down to the big live oaks. The paths He-who-mowed through the pasture are almost overgrown.

Recent rains encouraged Spanish Moss.
Sumac and wild grapevine are replacing Poison Ivy. Deer love sumac and it is making a comeback.

 Spanish Moss and Resurrection Fern both love moisture.

This Oak sports Poison Ivy and Goldenrod. There should be a glorious fall after all this rain. We don't get a lot of tree color in Autumn but plants like Sumac and Poison turn bright red.

This afternoon we had another 0.7 inch of rain.

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Janie Jurkiewicz said...

Now you KNOW I LOVE spanish moss...seemingly the only one but I think it's absolutely beautiful

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