July 01, 2013

My Secret Jungle Garden Is No Secret Anymore

When the weather got warm, I improvised an old 2x8 board into a bench for Epiphyllums with a rusty iron bed headboard for the long awkward stems to lean on.

The Jungle Cacti like a little shade that makes them feel as if they are in tree tops, so they were behind a Philadelphus and a Gardenia just north of the greenhouse. Other shrubbery forms a little hallway so it is like going into a secret garden, but just the tiniest bit dim and out of the way after dark.

I knew they were about to bloom any night now. Last night I forgot to check on them before dark. As it gets late you can tell when a bud is about to open. When I got back from Church and Town I forgot to go out there with a flashlight. Sure enough, when I thought to look around noon, two flowers were limp, their night of glory over.

Other buds are nearly ready, this one hanging over 
its support and I might have missed it too. 

I moved the pots with buds near the side door, on
the carport ledge. The ugliest stems have the
prettiest buds.

This bud is from the faux terra cotta pot -- sounds 
more elegant than styrofoam, yes? It hangs over into
a Gardenia bush here too.

I had to use a hand truck to move the ceramic pot.
See it just at the right? The pot tended to roll, but I 
got it moved without crushing the buds. 
Spent bloom next to the pot.

It will be a fragrant night with Brugmansia blooms

Their new location will have more sun, the leaves may fade but they will
likely have more blooms with more light. There are a few tiny buds already 
formed. I expect more to follow. 

Three younger pots have no buds yet so I left them on the Secret Bench.
If a long stem or even a leaf breaks, I usually stick it in some soil to root. 


Every year I post about Epiphyllum oxypetalum as if it were a new plant.
The scent is heavy and spicy, unlike the sweet fragrance of the Brugmansias.

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I am waiting for the day when the "ugliest stems have the prettiest buds" in my garden.

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