July 11, 2013

Persian Shield

Strobilanthes dyerianus is a great purple for the shady garden. Usually listed as hardy to zone 9a, it is root hardy here in zone 8b. I take cuttings in the fall and put them under greenhouse benches in the shade where they often bloom. No blooms are seen in the summer garden.

Purple color is best in shade. Fades to silver in sun.

Persian Shield beside a Magnolia, Porterweed beginning to bloom in the
near view. A hummingbird nectaring on Porterweed the other day was
chased away by a big Swallowtail butterfly.
Closer view of Persian Shield next the Magnolia with a bit of
dwarf Lavender Pentas. Butterflies and I like tall Pentas, but these are
such a nice color that I keep them.
When a fern came up in the pot with this Strobilanthes I planted them out together.

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Bernie H said...

You've just reminded me that I really need to get another Strobilanthes! I had one but it didn't make it through the wet season last year. I've really missed the wonderful foliage and those beautiful flowers. They really are an eye-catching plant.

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