August 17, 2013

A Squirrel in the Greenhouse and Planting in the Rain.

When I opened the greenhouse this morning, there was a squirrel inside. He considered rushing me, then turned back and hid somewhere. I went for the cat and put him inside. The cat doesn't like being told what to do. I left him in there with the door open only far enough for kitty to exit if he chooses.

At the far left edge of this pic, there were clumps of Pandora's Box daylily which were overtaken by an Althea and some Gardenias. Too shaded to bloom, they've struggled.

If it isn't cold, I enjoy planting in the rain. Most plants transplanted in rain will take hold right away. [Be aware! If you garden in clay soil, this is not for you. I garden in loamy sand, which will not harden when it dries.]

At the end of the Front Garden bed that has mostly yellow and white blossoms, I planted Pandora's Box around a white Crape Myrtle. There were enough pieces for 5 clumps. As the Crape Myrtle gets taller, I will prune off bottom limbs so Daylilies will have ample light.

I broke off good-sized pieces of Purple Heart to plant between and slight to the front of each clump. The limbs that had nice little shoots at the bottom, I broke into two pieces. Purple Heart almost always roots when treated this way.

This is the post I wrote about planning to do this task: Planting in a Found Spot

Pandora's Box, 2011
Maybe I'll give Pandora some rooted Persian Shield cuttings and a bit of  Chartreuse Joseph's Coat.


Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I am SOOO glad you said that you don't have a problem being in the rain. And I think the squirrel is hilarious. The way I figure it...most of the time I work in the garden, I am drenched in if it's not lightning, I'll take rain over sweat any husband has caught me more than once planting in the rain..which is a good argument for outdoor showers....but that would have been funny to see the squirrel...we have a couple of cats, too...and there is one I always seek out when and animal is in danger of being attacked.

gld said...

Don't ever try to corner a squirrel; a friend tried to shush one out and it jumped on her and bit her.....she had to undergo painful shots for rabies.

I still look with envy on your is the perfect size.

This is the time I have promised myself to relocate some plantings too. Our soil is still nice an moist. We have the type of soil you are referring too. The test is to squeeze a handful; if it easily crumbles apart, you are good to go; if not, you have to wait.

Have you ever considered Jewels of Opar? It would be a wonderful chartreuse for contrast and it reseeds even for me. Even the tiny 'jewels' in sort of a wine color would work. I hope mine gets to the seed stage this year and I will try to collect some.

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