August 15, 2013

Butterflies and Bloom Day Blossoms August 2013

The weather is unsettled so I thought to skip Bloom Day. When I rushed out to close the greenhouse against a threatening thunderstorm I grabbed my camera.

Most spectacular could go to this Begonia.

Most unusual could be this White Shrimp Plant, Justicia betonica in front of
Red Pentas, Purple Alternanthera and Agapanthus heads.

First bloom on a 2-year Pride of Barbados,
visited by a Cloudless Sulphur butterfly.

Spicebush Swallowtail nectars of Caesalpinia, clouds gathering in the background.
The bottle tree is coming down soon. 

A bee shows off Esperanza in the same area.

White Dawn is putting on more buds in Upper Garden.

Rebloom on Kniphofia, Julia Child rose is blooming again; 
Gulf Fritillary on Duranta, red Porterweed.

Brugmansia, White Datura
Purple Datura bud, Purple Datura seed pod.
Bottom leaves tend to fall off the stems when it gets dry. 
The shorter Daturas hide bare ankles of Brumansia.

Sampler: Crape Myrtle, Purple Heart, Melampodium, Periwinkles, Duranta, Tithonia.

Have a bodacious, flower-filled Bloom Day
Don't forget to thank Carol for hosting this event every month after you post your site.


Lea said...

Lots of pretty blooms! I especially like the Begonia - I thinks it's called 'Angel Wing'
It would have been a shame if you had skipped Bloom Day.
Lea's Menagerie

Bernie H said...

You've got gorgeous blooms everywhere at the moment. I'm especially fond of Begonia blooms and yours is lovely. Loved the White Shrimp Plant and White Dawn!!!

Love, Live and Garden! said...

So many pretty blooms to look at and enjoy. You must be loving them!

Alison said...

So sorry your weather is unsettled. You managed to put together some pretty flowers anyway. I love that Caesalpina. I need to see if that will grow here.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I love unique flowers...what a great deal of diversity. In respect to the weather, everyone around us had rain but us until now. I am happy to see the rain finally.

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