August 28, 2013

Dogface Butterflies and Greenhouse Notes

It's still too hot to start bringing plants into the greenhouse even though I left some tough tropicals in there. The pot of donkey tail Sedum rootlings got too wet during the rainy spell and some of them died. I noticed the bigger plant that I repotted had leaves falling off. Then I noticed the Cat loving on it and brittle leaves just raining down.

On to the Dogface Butterflies. It is impossible, almost, to get a picture of a Dogface Sulphur with widespread wings. I found one dead on the driveway and brought him inside so you can see how they look. The darker edge of the wings outline what sometimes resembles a poodle's face in profile, including the dark spot for the eye.

When the sun is behind one of the butterflies,
the dogface outline is seen, otherwise  like above.

Zerene cesonia host plant is legumes.
They just wouldn't be still for pics, so I made a very short video of them nectaring on Duranta.

Dogface Sulphurs from Jean Campbell on Vimeo.

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Ally said...

My greenhouse is still miserably hot as well. I haven't seen any recently, but I get the cloudless sulfur here in Texas. They love the Texas Senna and Candlestick plants.

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