August 05, 2013

Pear Preserves, sort of

I read the Paula Deen recipes and the 'old fashioned' preserves recipes. All laden with sugar and with added elements from Allspice to Pineapple.

Pear tree limbs so heavy with fruit they were
propped with cedar limbs.

We just want a bit of fruit with our breakfast, not sticky preserves. We don't can. We cook fruit with minimal sugar, cool and freeze. There's no recipe; add just enough sugar to make the fruit tasty and simmer until it's done as evidenced by a rich, dark red color. All the recipes mention 'translucent' fruit after cooking. It changes appearance but I wouldn't exactly call it translucent. 

We cooked two batches today (8 quart boilers to start, when they're done half that amount of fruit and syrup) on Friday and let the blister on my right pointer finger heal until today. Today we peeled and cut two more boilers full. He-who-mows can peel if I slice the pears into 1/2" rounds. Then I cut the tasty parts off the cores. 

It's too hot outside for much work. Another inch and a half of rain fell yesterday. Dog days. It will soon be time to boil green peanuts, another tasty treat from in the freezer for the winter and spring.
Peanut field

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I am truly beginning to appreciate the expanse of your gardens. I thought I was busy...

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