September 28, 2013

Agapanthus Seeds and Alternanthera Cuttings

This is the first time I've planted Agapanthus seeds.

I gathered some from my garden and some from a parking lot in the city where the last seeds were obviously not being gathered by whomever maintains (!) the landscaping.

My improvised seed collection envelope, bottom of my shopping list.
You know that old ladies do this?

These will be species plants even if the seeds were collected from hybrids.
I have Storm Cloud and a species type, didn't mark them as to the seed.
I labeled the seed tray so I know which are mine and which were gathered elsewhere.

I planted in damp potting soil, covered the seeds with seed starting mix and misted until damp.
Then I tucked the tray into a plastic vegetable bag from the grocery store and set it in a shady spot.

Conflicting instructions online cause me to plant in my own methods in my own time. I know you are supposed to plant in spring. These will spend the winter in the greenhouse. Germination takes from 3 weeks to 3 months, depending on whose opinion you read. Three or four years to blooms. I can wait. I have Agapanthus, I just wanted to plant those seeds. 

Hydrating cuttings before sticking in soil.
Chartreuse Alternanthera is my fav. Purple will reseed in the greenhouse floor so there's plenty of that. The red is likely to return, if not all of it, at least enough to have starts and cuttings. I can't grow enough chartreuse. Something eats it, or grass takes it or there just isn't enough.

I double my chances by sticking cuttings in soil plus filling a mug with a mass of cuttings in water.
Next spring I'll tease the roots apart and plant the water-rooted cuttings. The cuttings in soil may get bumped up to larger pots during winter when they send roots out the tray bottom.

Alternanthera plant before I took cuttings.


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