September 30, 2013

Amaryllis and Begonias Come Inside

It's probably a month until danger of frost. Someone told me the other day that the dog fennels were in bloom and there will be frost in 2 weeks. Not true, I checked on dog fennels on the north side of the small woods today and they are in bud, not bloom, not nearly.

 I brought in Amaryllis pots anyway. There are four that are not getting water while they go dormant. The ones toward the front are seedlings which will not be forced into dormancy. They need to grow, grow, grow.

 The blue pot is my grapevine ball with Christmas Cactus and a Bromeliad.

Inside the Bromeliad a member of the Pest Control Crew awaits an insect. Isn't he cute?

White begonias found a place along the walkway. Then I tucked in 2 pots of Angel Wing Begonia. Another one waits out on the front. Maybe I'll dig a red wax Begonia or two.

Every little piece that breaks off gets stuck to root. This one took and is blooming, tiny as it is.

I dug the 3 Porterweed seedlings from the path. I repotted the 2 smallest Camellia seedlings. Their roots were already circling the pot, fatter than the parts above ground.

I still have to bring in the Firecracker Fern. I think it will go in the NE corner where it can be as big as it wants and get bright sun. I have to make decisions about the Spider Plants. There's an Arrowhead Vine that would like to be in a grapevine ball with some Spider Plant and a piece of rooted Pothos.

Waiting for bulbs to arrive. Pulled some Mexican Sunflower today and scattered seeds where I hope they'll bloom next year. Left a few Tithonia for the butterflies still hanging around, mostly Sulphurs and Gulf Fritillaries; Buckeyes are in the meadows with Agalinis. Starting to prepare beds for scattering Poppies and Larkspur come November.


Ally said...

I hope winter is not coming early. I am not prepared. I have lots of cuttings to take and the greenhouse is not ready by a long shot. I'm not sure what our seasonal warning plant is here in Texas. I don't think we have dog fennel, but I intend to find out.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

I was looking at historical weather data and it seemed to mimic 2009...I am new so I don't have enough experience to gauge first frost..but I am curious if you feel that it will be around Halloween?

Jean Campbell said...

I don't think frost is coming early. On the other hand, I don't want my plants to be caught outside with me unprepared. They seem to fare well brought in a little early and kept as cool as a vent fan and daily mist can make them.

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