September 26, 2013

Epiphyllums Squeezed Inside

I started out with the smallest inside for most of the summer to see how they compared in the greenhouse with the two big Epis left outside in mostly shade. The 2 big pots,  plants here since 2002, came inside today.

They can't just sit in the middle on benches, they take up too much space.
I gave everybody a haircut, cutting away ugly parts.

 It was a struggle, but they're placed. The big blue pot at left and the terra cotta color pot at right are the biggest and oldest. Two 8-inch clay pots on the shelf at middle and a black pot on a shelf to the lower right of the rooster complete the array. It looks like more. Bits and pieces of small plants can be tucked all around among the jungle plants. I try to give the highest places objects rather than plants that need watering.

There was a near disaster when I knocked the rooster from his perch but he survived. I had to put the cat out. He tried to help every time I started to pick up a heavy pot.

This ancient cabinet had to move.
Its best site was the best Epi site. It will take shelf
space for the door to open, so it may have to go.

 Buds, we have buds! Last blooms are usually in October after they move in, so they're right on time.

Epis are inside, Christmas Cactuses are inside. Yet to move in are Begonias, Amaryllis, Firecracker Fern, Spider Plants and cuttings. I still haven't taken cuttings. Seedlings and sprouts and surprises abound.

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