September 25, 2013

Greeenhouse Considerations for October

We're having rain again. The humidity stays high, the temperatures are somewhat moderated but not cool. I have to think about what goes inside and what gets tossed and what takes a chance on a mild winter.

 I moved in the Christmas Cactuses. Their shelf will hold them all except two big pots that are on the floor.

Bromeliads will likely go over here. Mistletoe cactus has claimed a spot. The narrow gap on the left is for one Epiphyllum pot still outside and another goes on a table below. Empty pots and baskets mark claimed spaces. The butterfly net is for shooing critters back outside. I helped a huge dragonfly out yesterday.

I brought in my red cart for extra storage and space for pots. The long shelf is for forcing bulbs.
Outside are 6 potted Kalanchoe at upper right. I think Camellia seedlings at bottom right are ready for planting in the ground. I put down a timber and planted rooted gardenias for the north side. 

Need cuttings of white Shrimp Plant.

Chartreuse Alternanthera cuttings can spend the winter in water.

There are 3 pups in this bromeliad pot. They need to stay together for the winter.
The original plant started out last year in the knobby green pot, bloomed and made pups.

Looking from outside in. A squirrel is causing a problem that we must deal with very soon.

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