September 06, 2013

Outside and In the Greenhouse

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It's hard to keep a greenhouse cool in the hot south Georgia sun. A vent fan, misting nozzles and shade cloth on the west end can hardly keep the temps under 100º F. Some plants don't mind the heat at all, as evidenced by the purple Alternanthera climbing the walls inside, much taller than that outside.

Frost will knock back Alternanthera outside. On the inside, I'll pull it or cut it back. Sweet Williams all melted during the rains. White Pentas and white Lantana are the outside show. 

My vision of white flowers around the greenhouse is slow to finish. 
Pots of  rooted white Lantana are waiting on the porch for planting.

Epiphyllums inside and out have buds, so I see
little difference in location. 

Inside the greenhouse, Epiphyllum oxypetalum.

Outside in the secret pathway, more Night Blooming Cereus.
Big white bloom are just a few nights away.

Last week I laid Hippeastrum pots on their sides to dry off and rest so they
might bloom during the Holidays. Note I said, Might Bloom. I ordered 3 new
bulbs South African-grown to try to insure Christmas bloom. 

The new bulbs are an Amaryllis called Blushing Bride, similar in the photo to Appleblossom. 

These four were labeled with permanent marker. It faded in the sun. I know the largest pot was Nymph, the green pot was Appleblossom, and the other two are a dark red and something else pretty. There are other smaller pots outside this area with Amaryllis seedlings and offsets too small to bloom, growing on.

Arrowhead vine growing in the shade.
I am beginning to wonder if there will be room
to bring in all the tropicals.

The reason there are always extras to squeeze in somewhere: a bit of Pothos broke off and I stuck it in a pot. Alternanthera seeded itself in the same pot. That's the reason there are so many Epiphyllums. Christmas cactuses needed pinching; I saved every little sprout. Now there are 7 times as many as last year.

Everybody outside in the shade is fine. Next month I will squeeze them all into this space with bromeliads and ephiphytes and leave room for the cat and perhaps myself to enjoy the warm sun on cold days.

Twenty-five pink and 25 white Hyacinth bulbs to force are on order. I might have to go back to forcing them in the laundry room. In those days I forced in containers of water and stones. Now I grow in clay pots of soil. I gave up forcing narcissus. Hyacinths smell better and don't get as leggy.

No fall seeds are planted. Yet. No cuttings are taken. 

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Kalantikan said...

We almost have the same plants, but we don't need the greenhouse, mine are just outside but hippeastrum dies off in the dry season and sprout/flower when the rains come. I just don't uproot them. I intend to collect more but it is so expensive online. I also missed the blooming Epiphyllum as i don't go home every week. Oh i wish to also build even just a protective net covers for my newly collected hoyas, whom i get crazy these days. Happy gardening!

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