September 27, 2013

Plant Babies

Back in March I wrote in Seedscatterer blog that my Cycad Had Seeds. At the time I planted the seeds, I wrote, "In the article I read, it said that the growing embryo will push a root out the star-shaped end of the seed, followed by a leaf. This is not a quick process. I will wait."

 I didn't write or make a pic when I noticed the first little green bit. Now there's a tiny frond.  None of the other seeds have a root or a sprout.

A pup has formed beside this Vriesea, which bloomed almost two years ago. I  had decided it was just going to die without reproducing. Suddenly there's a pup!

Vriesea bromeliad

New plant forming at the base of a Begonia cutting.

These last two are Camellia seedlings.
The seed of this one is atop the soil.

Camellia seedling.

For me, it's all about new plants from old, whether by seeds, cuttings or divisions. The joy is in the growing.

Do you find more pleasure in new plants from seeds or bought in a nursery? 


Alison said...

I definitely get more pleasure growing new plants from seeds and cuttings, but especially seeds. Seedlings are so cute. I don't know why I feel like it's an accomplishment, because the plant and the seed do it all themselves. All I provide is a medium and the right conditions for it to sprout.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

What is your experience in transplanting camellia seedlings? I have tried in the past but with no successs. Any advice?

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