September 15, 2013

White Echinacea for my White Garden

I am so excited to have this Echinacea. A friend planted seed from a white coneflower and promised me one IF any turned out white -- you know the Mendel and peas model. She surprised me today by bringing this one to Church.

Even Ike the Cat showed pleasure in the new acquisition, he rubs to show he's happy, here approving of some little eggplants in a white container.

Eventually I hope the area around the greenhouse will be a white garden for most of the year. Pots of white Lantana awaiting planting, too.

Things have a way of planting themselves about, like the spider plant squeezed in behing the broken pot garden with a self-planted purple Alternanthera. The Echinacea and Lantana will be deliberate plantings.

It's a real treat to get a seedling that somebody else planted. Susie is a dear.


Derek Yarnell said...

I've got two different kinds of white Echinacea in my garden, I hope they grow to be as healthy looking as yours!

Beth said...

It's pretty. I have an all white (Moon) garden, and echinacea is one of the flowers I have planted there.

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