October 23, 2013

A Jungle Cactus Blooms in the Night

One bloom or 10, it is always exciting to anticipate the opening of Epiphyllum Oxypetalum. Last night was no exception. I lighted tea lights to add to the festive occasion.

These would not be nearly so dramatic if they bloomed during the day. There are 3 buds remaining.

More Jungle Beauties, Schlumbergera

Did I mention the fragrance that fills a room? 

Known by the common name Night Blooming Cereus, not really a Cereus.

The pendulous plants hang over everything.

The next Ephiphytic spectacle will be the bloom season of Christmas Cactuses. Buds are forming, repotting is done. From now on, it's like waiting for Santa Claus.

We expect near-freezing temperatures outside by the end of the week. I was not so premature in bringing in tender plants after all. There are still cuttings to take and tender plants to dig because I always want to save everything from the cold. The tea lights can be packed away making room to tuck little plants everywhere. I must remember to leave room for dozens of Hyacinth bulbs in tiny pots after Thanksgiving when their chill is finished.

Friday Addendum: Two blooms opened on Wednesday night. I though the last one would wait until Friday night, so let He-who-mows and fastens doors close the greenhouse last night. Guess what I found this morning? A wilted blossom, the very last one of the season and I missed it. The two on Thursday morning were still open when I went out fairly early.

Tonights near-freeze is upgraded to 37º which isn't so bad. I may set the Kalanchoes waiting at the door inside.

Linking to Tootsie's Fertilizer Friday at Tootsie Time. I think I'll go put a teaspoon of fertilizer beside each of my cabbages, kale and broccoli. They are growing nicely if certain pets will stop digging.


Jean Campbell said...

Two more blooms opened Wednesday night. They were still open and fragrant when I opened the GH next morning. One more and then Epis are done until Spring. They crowd the GH but I can't bare to leave them to cold kill. Maybe somebody will come along who really wants one and will take care of it.

Janie Jurkiewicz said...

You are way ahead of me this year...I haven't even begun repairing the greenhouse which will be this weekend...how fantastic to see the night blooms....

Margaret Thele said...

Thank you for recording the opening of the Epis. So cool to see them and I bet the fragrance is tremendous!

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