October 26, 2013

Almost Ready to Close the Greenhouse Door

Every day I bring in another pot, more cuttings, something. When I paused to make a pic record, He-Who-Mows laughed and said it looked better in a photograph than it really does. Maybe so.

Hardly styled for a slick magazine, it's work in progress, year 'round. There are always seeds to scatter or cuttings to strike or things to put in a larger pot.The Kalanchoes around the door went inside last everning in case of frost.

Today I busied myself taking down the last of the tomatoes, hauling off Tithonia plants and making the Cabbage Patch less attractive to digging pets. I gave every plant a dusting of cayenne pepper, then edged them with pine cones. In a few places I stuck some rosemary cuttings -- doubtful they will root but rosemary reputedly repel cats. Ike probably loves rosemary.  If I see more signs of digging, there's a pile of pine straw mulch waiting to be scattered before the first freeze. 

Part of the Cabbage row; Kale opposite.

Cabbage plant and pine cones.

Broccoli plant, pine cone and Rosemary twig.

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Alison said...

I spent today hauling plants into the house and sorting out clean drip trays for all of them. Some day, maybe soon, I'll have a greenhouse. Then we'll haul them all in there instead of into the house. The dining room is very crowded.

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